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  1. 3-105-S-FrequencyResponse

    22 Jul 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    We describe the frequency response to a second order differential equation with a driving function as the maximum steady state solution amplitude and perform some analyses in this regard.

  2. 2013-Idlango, Majda - Differential Equation Population Models in a Slowly Varying Environment. PhD Thesis.

    12 Sep 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    Idlango, Majda. 2013. Differential Equation Population Models in a Slowly Varying Environment. PhD Thesis. 181 pp.Summary:  Many investigations have been carried out that analyse population dynamics using differential equations where the governing parameters of the models concerned are...

  3. 2011-Harwood, Kenny - Modeling a RLC Circuit's Current with Differential Equations

    12 Sep 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    Harwood, Kenny. 2011. Modeling a RLC Circuit’s Current with Differential Equations. Paper. 17 pp.Abstract The world of electricity and light have only within the past century been explained in mathematical terms yet still remain a mystery to the human race. R. Buckminster Fuller said;...

  4. 2017-Morin, David - Oscillations - Notes

    11 Sep 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    Morin, David. Oscillations. http://www.people.fas.harvard.edu/~djmorin/waves/oscillations.pdf . Accessed 11 September 2017. Notes. 37 pp.From the first page“A wave is a correlated collection of oscillations. For example, in a transverse wave traveling along a string, each point in...

  5. 2016-deBoer, Rob J. - Population Dynamics:  A Graphical Approach - Text

    06 Sep 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    deBoer, Rob J. 2016 .Modeling Population Dynamics:  A Graphical Approach.  http://tbb.bio.uu.nl/rdb/books/mpd.pdf . Accessed 6 September 2017. 193 pp.From the Preface,“This book is an introduction into modeling population dynamics in ecology. Because there are several good...

  6. 2017-Kandry Keith and Brian Winkel - Modeling in an Engineering Mathematics Class - Tuned Mass Dampers

    04 Mar 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Keith Alan Landry, Brian Winkel

    This talk was presented at the AMS Special Session  on the Modeling First Approach to Teaching Differential Equations at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, 7 January 2017, Atlanta GA USA.This talk discusses how a structural engineering construct, Tuned Mass Dampers, is introduced in a...

  7. 2001-Tsoularis, A. - Analysis of logistic growth models

    20 Jun 2015 | | Contributor(s):: A. Tsoularis

    Tsoularis, A.  2001. Analysis of logistic growth models. Research Letters in the Information and Mathematical Sciences. 2:23-46. See http://mro.massey.ac.nz/handle/10179/4341 .Article Abstract:  A  variety of  growth  curves  have been ...

  8. 2008-Landry, Keith and Brian Winkel - Peak Frequency Responses and Tuned Mass Dampers -- Exciting Applications of Systems of Differential Equations

    31 May 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Keith Alan Landry, Brian Winkel

    From Landry, Keith and Brian Winkel. 2008. Peak-Frequency Responses and Tuned Mass Dampers—Exciting Applications of Systems ofDifferential Equations. The UMAP Journal 29(1): 15-30.We present two  applications  of systems of ordinary differential equations concerning...