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  1. 2019-Elishakoff-DifferentialEquationsLoveANDLoveDifferentiaEquations

    06 Apr 2020 | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    2019-Elishakoff-DifferentialEquationsLoveANDLoveDifferentiaEquationsElishakoff, Isaac. 2019.   Differential Equations of Love and Love of Differential Equations. Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. 9(2): 1-22 SynopsisIn this paper, simple ordinary differential...

  2. Katul-ENV264 - Applied DE in Env Sci Models

    10 Sep 2017 | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    Katul, Gabriel G. ENV264 Applied Differential Equations in Environmental Sciences. Notes.Many environmental problems require the construction and solution to equations (or systems of equations) that involve relations between rates and states of environmental variables. The objective of this...

  3. 1999-AllenLoveAndDifferentialEquations

    09 Sep 2017 | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    Allen, David M. 1999. Love and differential equations:  An Introduction to Modeling. PowerPoint Presentation. 44 slides.This is a set of slides with lots of topics touched upon briefly, but in the end there is an analysis of the Romeo and Juliet relationship.Keywords: differential equation,...

  4. 1994-McDillFelsager-LighterSideOfDiffEq

    08 Sep 2017 | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    McDill, J. M.  and Bjorn Felsager.  1994. The Lighter Side of Differential Equations. The College Mathematics Journal. 25(2): 448-452.First opening material in article,“Although differential equations have many serious applications to the modeling of real-world problems, a few...

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