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  1. 1986-Cooke-Linear And Logistic Harvesting Models-Math Modeling Journal

    09 Dec 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    Cook, K. L. and M. Witten. 1986. One-dimensional linear and logistic harvesting models. Mathematical Modeling. 7: 301-340. Abstract: Some of the results in the literature on simple...


  2. LeakingBucket: Differential Equations in Engineering

    03 Mar 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Unknown

    Differential Equations in Engineering: The Leaking Bucket. Laboratory Experiment. 4 pp. From the Text: 7.1 Laboratory Objective The objective of this laboratory is to learn about first...


  3. 2003-RasmussenKeynes-LinesOfEigenVectorsSolutionsToSytemsOfLinearDifferentialEquations

    03 Mar 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Chris Rasmussen, Michael Keynes

    Rasmussen, Chris and  Michael Keynes. 2003. Lines of Eigenvectors and Solutions to Systems of Linear Differential Equations.  PRIMUS. 13(4): 308-320. Abstract: The purpose of this...


  4. 1988-Strogatz-LoveAffairsAndDifferentialEquations

    26 Nov 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    Strogatz, Steven H. 1988. Love Affairs and Differential Equations. Mathematics Magazine. 61(7):  35. This is a system of differential equations to describe the love between...


  5. 2015-Easton-Mathematical models of health focusing on diabetes

    11 Sep 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    Easton, Jonathan. 2015. Mathematical models of health focusing on diabetes: Delay differential equations and data mining. Doctoral thesis, 186 pp. Northumbria University....


  6. 2013-Slavik-Mixing Problems with Many Tanks

    10 Sep 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    Slavik, Antonin. 2013. Mixing Problems with Many Tanks. Mathematics Monthly.  120: 806-821. Discusses many tank configurations, circular, cascading, in a row, etc. and the attendant matrix...


  7. BobbingObjectInWater

    09 Sep 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    Introduction to Second Order Linear Equations- Bobbing Object in Water. 2 pp. This is a nice treatment of developing a model of a bobbing object in water from first principles with some nice...


  8. Finio-Linear Non Linear Springs Tutorial

    06 Sep 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    Finio, Ben.  Science Buddies – Linear & Nonlinear Springs Tutorial. ...


  9. 3-040-T-FirstPassageTime

    07 Apr 2017 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    We apply the notions of dampedness to second order, linear, constant coefficient, homogeneous differential equations used to model a spring mass dashpot system and introduce the notion of first...


  10. Informed Conjecturing in a Modeling Context Differential Equations

    29 Mar 2017 | Articles and Publications | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    We examine two differential equations, (1) first order exponential growth or decay and (2) second order, linear, constant coefficient differential equations, and show the advantage of learning...


  11. 3-030-S-SecondOrderIntro

    22 Apr 2016 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel


  12. 3-060-S-DataToDifferentialEquation

    24 Dec 2015 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s): Eric Sullivan, Kelly Cline

    Students use their knowledge of second-order linear differential equations in conjunction with physical intuition of spring-mass systems to estimate the damping coefficient and spring constant...


  13. Traffic Flow Modeling Using Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations

    22 Jun 2015 | Articles and Publications | Contributor(s): Mark McCartney

    Mark McCartney.2004. Keep your distance! using second-order ordinary differential equations to model traffic flow. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology. 35(4):...