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  1. 7-011-Text-S-CoupledSystemLaplace

    31 Mar 2019 | Technique Narratives | Contributor(s): Mitaxi Mehta

    Differential equations and Laplace transforms are an integral part of control problems in engineering systems. However a clear explanation of the relationship of Laplace transforms with the...


  2. Looking Back

    Forum › scudem---student-perspective › scudem---student-perspective

    Now that I’m in my last year of undergrad and I’m looking back at all my experiences throughout college, I cannot help but appreciate participating in a SCUDEM challenge. This modeling...


  3. 1-143-S-PopulationModelVariationsMATLAB

    17 Feb 2019 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s): Bill Skerbitz

    Students will walk through a detailed derivation and review of basic population models (exponential and logistic) to create and understand variations of those models while learning some basic...


  4. 2008-Will-Hansen-ExamplesOfODEsInPhysics

    09 Dec 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    Witt-Hansen, Ole. 2008. Examples of the Differential equations of Physics. www.olewitthansen.dk.   Contents 1. The dependence of pressure with...


  5. 2004-PhoebusReily-TheParachuteProblem

    09 Dec 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    Phoebus, Ronald and Cole Reilly. 2004, Differential Equations and the Parachute Problem. Presentation 10 May 2004. ...


  6. 1987-Rodin-Murthy-ComparativeEvalOfMathModelingBooks

    09 Dec 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    Murthy, D. N. P. and E. Y. Rodin. 1987. A comparative evaluation of books on mathematical modeling. Mathematical Modeling. 9(1): 17-28. Abstract: In this paper we present a comparative...


  7. Mohammad Ali Ahmadpoor

    I am Ph.D in Mathematics (Harmonic Analysis) who is compatible with Team Works and used to be a Teacher, Educational Consultant and Researcher. I need to be involved in Team Work about Researching...


  8. 6-019-S-EnablingEpidemicExploration

    17 Sep 2018 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    We offer several strategies for estimating parameters in models of epidemics, one using a Michaelis-Menten saturation infected rate.


  9. 6-003-S-SchoolFluEpidemic

    28 Aug 2018 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s): Darrell Weldon Pepper

    We offer a model of the spread of flu in a school dormitory and are asked to find when the flu levels reach their peak and explain long term behavior of the spread of the flu.


  10. 1-108-S-PoissonProcess

    27 Aug 2018 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s): Mehdi Hakim-Hashemi

    In this project students learn to derive the probability density function (pdf) of the Poisson distribution and the cumulative distribution (cdf) of the waiting time. They will use them to solve...


  11. 1-032-S-DigoxinElimination

    17 Aug 2018 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s): Therese Shelton

    We model the concentration of digoxin eliminated from the human body at a rate proportional to the concentration. This is a ``first-order reaction'' in the language of pharmacokinetics --...


  12. Kaabar, Mohammed-2018-A Friendly Introduction to Differential Equations

    29 Jul 2018 | Free Online Texts | Contributor(s): Mohammed K A Kaabar

    In this book, there are five chapters: The Laplace Transform, Systems of Homogeneous Linear Differential Equations (HLDE), Methods of First and Higher Orders Differential Equations, Extended...


  13. 1-081-S-TumorGrowth

    09 Jun 2018 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s): Ryan Miller, Randy Boucher

    Students will transform, solve, and interpret a tumor growth scenario using non-linear differential equation models. Two population growth models (Gompertz and logistic) are applied to model tumor...


  14. 6-018-S-ExploringSIRModel

    30 May 2018 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s): Stanley Florkowski, Ryan Miller

    Students will transform, solve, and interpret Susceptible Infected Recovered (SIR) models using systems of differential equation models. The project is progressively divided into three parts to...


  15. Apr 02 2018

    Call for Papers from CODEE Journal, on the theme of Linking Differential Equations with Social Justice and Environmental Concerns

    We encourage SIMIODE members and others to consider sharing their ideas and projects in a Special 2018 Issue of the online CODEE Journal, on the theme of Linking Differential Equations with...


  16. Mohammed K A Kaabar

    Mohammed Kaabar received all his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Mathematics from Washington State University (WSU), Pullman, WA, USA. He is a former lab instructor and math tutor at the...


  17. 2017-Rumbos-DifferentialEquaitonsANDModeling-LectureNotes

    03 Mar 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Adolfo J. Rumbos

    Rumbos, Adolfo J. 2017. Differential Equations and modeling. Lecture Notes. 129 pp. From the Preface Differential equations are ubiquitous in the sciences. The study of any phenomenon in the...


  18. 2015-Sivakumar-Rajendran-KineticModel-BananaWaste

    03 Mar 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Pavithra Sivakumar, Lakshmanan Rajendran

    Sivakumar, Pavithra and  Lakshmanan Rajendran. 2012.  Approximate Analytical Expression of Concentrations in a Kinetic Model for Biogas Generation from Banana Waste. Applied Mathematics....


  19. Herman, Russell L. 2017. A First Course in Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers

    03 Mar 2018 | Free Online Texts | Contributor(s): Russell L. Herman

    Herman, Russell L. 2017. A First Course in Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers. Text book. 369 pp. http://people.uncw.edu/hermanr/mat361/ODEBook/ODE1.pdf . Accessed 2 March...


  20. 2007-Bellomo EtAl-LectureNotes-MathModelingInAppliedScience

    03 Mar 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Nicola Bellomo

    Bellomo, Nicola , Elena De Angelis, and Marcello Delitala. 2007.  Lecture Notes on Mathematical Modelling in Applied Sciences, Lecture Notes. 168 pp. From the Opening of the Notes: The...