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  1. Jul 08 2020

    SIMIODE NSF DEMARC -- Differential Equations Model And Resource Creators Workshop

    DEMARC- Differential Equations Model And Resource Creators WorkshopSponsored by the National Science Foundation and SIMIODE8-13 July 2020 at Virginia Wesleyan...


  2. Jun 23 2020

    SIMIODE NSF MINDE (Model INstructors in Differential Equations) Workshop

    23-29 June 2020 5-Day SIMIODE Practitioners WorkshopSponsored by the National Science Foundation and SIMIODEVirginia Wesleyan University, Virginia Beach VA  USAIdeal for those who would...


  3. Jan 16 2020

    JMM 2020 SIMIODE NSF Workshop Gathering Meeting

        SIMIODE NSF Workshop Gathering MeetingThursday, 16 January 2010, 3:15 PM - 5:30 PM, Granite A, Hyatt Regency Denver Convention CenterJoin with colleagues who have...