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  1. 3 Ways to Get More Women Into Tech

    08 Nov 2017 | Posted by Brian Winkel

    We read this article today and thought more people ought to see it. We especially liked the part that says,  “We have found that by pairing theory with real-world applications,...


  2. Ten DE Application Problems

    10 Sep 2017 | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    Ten Application Problems of Differential EquationA list of 10 applications anonymous list with these instructions, “For each problem, set up a differential equation modeling the situation. Be sure to define your variables, state the units being used, and determine the initial condition. You...

  3. 1984-Davis-NumericalMethods - Modeling For Chemical Engineering-Text

    09 Sep 2017 | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    Davis, Mark. E. 1984. Numerical Methods and Modeling for Chemical Engineers.  NewYork:  John Wiley & Sons.  264 pp.From the PrefaceThis book is an introduction to the quantitative treatment of differential equations that arise from modeling physical phenomena in the...

  4. 2009-Martinez-Luaces-Modelling Applications Inverse Modelling

    07 Sep 2017 | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    Martinez-Luaces, Victor. 2009.  Modelling, applications and inverse modelling: innovations in differential equations courses. Seventh Southern Right Delta Conference.  pp. 159-170.Abstract: Differential equations and Laplace transform are widely used to solve problems concerned with...

  5. The Mathlet Toolkit: Creating Dynamic Applets for Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

    10 Aug 2015 | Contributor(s):: Robert Decker

    Decker, Robert. 2011. The Mathlet Toolkit: Creating Dynamic Applets for Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems. International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education. 18(4): 189-194.Abstract:  Dynamic/interactive graphing applets can be used to supplement standard computer...

  6. Using Applications to Motivate Differential Equations - AWM Research Symposium, 11 April 2015

    30 May 2015 | Contributor(s):: Jessica Libertini

    •Motivation for this approach•Example applications•Assessment•Lessons learned - Fixing the “uh-ohs”•Discussion / Questions