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  1. 2009-Bifurcation Analysis

    12 Sep 2017 | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    2009. Bifurcation Analysis – One Dimensional ODEs. Notes. 11 pp.This document contains many rich illustrations of various kinds of bifurcation in the context of applications. E.g. harvesting, magnetometer, spruce budworm,Kywords: differential equation, model, bifurcation, analysis,...

  2. 2014-Merwin-PDEModelingWatrFlowInFlorida

    09 Sep 2017 | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    Merwin, Katelyn. 2014. Analysis of a Partial Differential Equation and Real World Applications Regarding Water Flow in the State of Florida. Thesis. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. McNair Scholars Research Journal. Vol. 1, Article 8. Available at: http://commons.erau.edu/mcnair/vol1/iss1/8...

  3. 2009-ReidKing-PendulumMotion

    08 Sep 2017 | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    Reid, Thomas F.  and Stephen C. King. 2009. Pendulum Motion and Differential Equations. PRIMUS: Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies. 19(2): 205-217,Abstract: A common example of real-world motion that can be modeled by a differential equation, and one easily...

  4. 2002-Fay-ThePendulumEquation

    08 Sep 2017 | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    Fay, T. 2001.The Pendulum Equation.  Int. J. Math. Educ. Sci. Technology.  33(4): 505-519.Abstract:We investigate the pendulum equation q’’(t) + l2 sin(q) = 0 and two approximations for it. On the one hand, we suggest that the third and fifth-order Taylor series...

  5. Successful modeling motivation for beam equations

    04 Mar 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Tiernan R Fogarty

    This talk was presented at the AMS Special Session  on the Modeling First Approach to Teaching Differential Equations at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, 7 January 2017, Atlanta GA USA.This presentation illustrates a successful empirical modeling activity for several beam configurations with...

  6. 1967-Wagner-Computers in pharmacokinetics

    20 Jun 2015 | | Contributor(s):: J. G. Wagner

    Wagner,  J. G.  1967. Computers in pharmacokinetics. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.  8(1)-Part 2:   201-218. This is a seminal paper in pharmacokinetics in which the author introduces historic notions and approaches. As can be seen from the abstract there is a...