SCUDEM V 2020 Problem Statements

By Brian Winkel


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At 23:59 (11:59 PM) Eastern United States Time on 22 October 2020 we will post the three problems for your consideration in SCUDEM V 2020. The three problems will be in one document with cover sheet found under Black Box "Download PDF" in the upper right of your screen.

From that time until when you submit your ten-minute video at 23:59 (11:59 PM) Eastern United States Time on 14 November 2020 you are to work with your team-mates on first selecting one problem to work on during the next few weeks, developing your model, and create a video with effective communication of your results.  The problems will be in three areas: physics/engineering, chemistry/life sciences, and social sciences/humanities. We call this the Challenge Period, from 23 October – 14 November 2020.  This is YOUR chance to grow and develop modeling skills while celebrating success with colleagues who are experiencing the same growth, emotion, and discovery

You and your team-mates are  NOT to receive any animate help during the Challenge Period. This means your Coach sets you on your own after working with you before 23 October 2020. Indeed, SCUDEM is not about big trophies or prizes. It is not even about competition. Rather it is about challenging yourself and your classmates to accomplish something good.  SCUDEM is about challenging you and your team-mates to select a problem, build and question a model, and communicate your results. So, let this be you!

Be sure to check our which was prepared by students who have experienced SCUDEM and wished to share their learned advice.

No later than 23:59 (11:59 PM) Eastern United States Time on 14 November 2020 we ask you to produce and post a team ten-minute video with your team number and problem ID in it, in this file name format SCUDEM-V-Team-abcd-Problem-X as an Unlisted YouTube video, where abcd is your Team number and X is your choice of problem A, B, or C.  You can post your work using the Google Form at All team members are to participate in the video. From there we will share the URL with judges for scoring and offering constructive comments as part of your growth experience. We will render multiple feedback comments and a combined score for each team.

In your ten-minute video on your first “slide” you should have the full name, school, and location (city, state/province, country) of each student team member and of the Coach the full name, affiliation, and location. Also on this first slide you should clearly state which problem you are addressing at the top, e.g., Problem A, Problem B, or Problem C. Good modeling practice dictates that you should then identify your variables, units, rationale, and model elements and move on to building and using your model to render your conclusions as well as offer some reflection on your process and results. The material you present is to be in English.

If at any point in your deliberations you have doubts about ANY issue, write them in your presentation and discuss how you addressed them, e.g., simplifying assumption.

We plan to have judging results to share with you individually by 4 December 2020 with certificate awards at the Outstanding, Meritorious, or Successful level. SIMIODE does not publish team results, they are for your use only. You may share results and publish them in any manner you wish though. We believe you are all SUCCESSES!!!

If there are any questions or issues you can send them to whereupon we will address them and post our responses at the Forum in your SCUDEM V 2020 Student Group at .


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