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  1. 1-124-S-WorldPopulation

    30 May 2020 | Modeling Scenarios

    We build models of world population using data to estimate growth rate.CZECH LANGUAGE VERSION  We have placed in Supporting Docs a Czech version of this Student Modeling Scenario. Name will be x-y-S-Title-StudentVersion-Czech.

  2. 3-026-S-SpringInverseProblem

    29 May 2020 | Modeling Scenarios

    We are given data on the position of a mass in an oscillating spring mass system and we seek to discover approaches to estimating an unknown parameter.

  3. 5-010-S-DNADegradation

    21 Apr 2020 | Modeling Scenarios

    We ask students to use the system of first order linear differential equations given in a source paper and estimates of the data from laboratory procedures from a plot to estimate the parameters and complete the modeling process. Then we seek to compare the results of the final model with...

  4. 1-126-S-MarriageMath

    14 Apr 2020 | Modeling Scenarios

    We will explore a model which describes the process of entry into marriage by an individual. In the model, rate of change in the fraction of the cohort already married will be investigated along with two governing assumptions; social pressure experienced by unmarried individual increases as...

  5. 2019-Hu-ModellingLongitudinalDataWithDEs

    06 Apr 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    2019-Hu-ModellingLongitudinalDataWithDEsHu,Yueqin and Raymond Treinen. 2019.  A one-step method for modelling longitudinal datawith differential equations. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology. 72: 38–60Abstract: Differential equation models...

  6. 1975-RoddaEtAl-OneCompartmentOpenModel - SomeStatisticalAspectsOfParameterEstimation

    06 Apr 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    1975-RoddaEtAl-OneCompartmentOpenModelSomeStatisticalAspectsOfParameterEstimation The One-Compartment Open Model: Some Statistical Aspects of Parameter EstimationRodda, B. E., C. B. Sampson, D. W. Smith.1975.  The One-Compartment Open Model: Some Statistical Aspects of...

  7. 2007-HelfgottSeier-MathStatAspectsOfEnzymeKinetics

    05 Apr 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    2007-HelfgottSeier-MathStatAspectsOfEnzymeKineticsHelfgott,  Michel and Edith Seier. 2007.  Some Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Enzyme Kinetics.The Journal of Online Mathematics and Its Applications. Volume 7, October 2007, Article ID 1611Abstract:  Most...

  8. 2012-TranstrumQiui-OptimalExperimentSelectionForParameterEstimationInBioDEs

    02 Apr 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    2012-TranstrumQiui-OptimalExperimentSelectionForParameterEstimationInBioDEsTranstrum, Mark K and Peng Qiu. 2012. Optimal experiment selection for parameter estimation in biological differential equation models. Bioinformatics.  13(181): 1-12.AbstractBackground:...

  9. 2018-AdenjiEtAl-InverseProblemHolling-TannerModel

    02 Apr 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    2018-AdenjiEtAl-InverseProblemHolling-TannerModelAdeniji, Adejimi Adesola, Igor Fedotov, Michael Y. Shatalov. 2018.  Inverse problem of theHolling-Tanner model and its solution. Biomath. 7: 1812057. 10 pages.Abstract: In this paper we undertake to consider the inverse problem of...

  10. 2013-Rihan-DelyDEsBioScience-ParameterEstimation

    01 Apr 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    2013-Rihan-DelyDEsBioScience-ParameterEstimationRihan, Fathalla A. 2013. Delay Differential Equations in Biosciences: Parameter estimation and sensitivity analysis. Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Computational Methods.  pp....

  11. 2017-NguyenEtAl-ParameterEstimationViralInfections

    01 Apr 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    2017-NguyenEtAl-ParameterEstimationViralInfectionsNguyen, Van Kinh  and Esteban A. Hernandez-Vargas. 2018.  Parameter estimation in mathematical models of viral infections using R. Methods Mol Biol. 1836: 531-549.Abstract: In recent years, mathematical modeling...

  12. 2007-RamseyEtAl-ParameterEstforDE-SmoothingApproach

    01 Apr 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    2007-RamseyEtAl-ParameterEstforDE-SmoothingApproachJ. R. Statist. Soc. B (2007)69, Part 5, pp. 741–796Ramsay, J. O.. G. Hooker, D. Campbell and J. Cao. 2007. Parameter estimation for differential equations: a generalized smoothing approach. J. R. Statist. Soc....

  13. 2012-CampbellEetAl-Parameter estimation in differential equation models with constrained states

    26 Mar 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    2012-CampbellEetAl-Parameter estimation in differential equation models with constrained statesCampbell, David A.,  Giles Hooker, and   Kim B. McAuley. 2012. Parameter estimation in differential equation models with constrained states. Journal of Chemometrics....

  14. 2017-SimEtAl-OptControl-CoupledTanksSystem

    25 Mar 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    2017-SimEtAl-OptControl-CoupledTanksSystemSim, Sy Yi, Sie Long Kek, and Kim Gaik Tay. 2017.  Optimal control of a coupled tanks system with model-reality differences. AIP Conference Proceedings. 1872, 020012.Abstract: Abstract. In this paper, an efficient computational...

  15. 2000-Erdman-StudyOfKinetics-FirstOrderODE

    25 Mar 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    2000-Erdman-StudyOfKinetics-FirstOrderODEErdman, Donald  and Maurice M. Morelock. 2000. A Study of Kinetics: The Estimation and Simulation of Systems of First-Order Differential Equations. Notes. 8 pp. Abstract: This paper introduces new and old features of the SAS System...

  16. 2018-AkmanEtAl-ParameterEstimationinODE-ParticlaSwarmOptimimzation

    24 Mar 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    2018-AkmanEtAl-ParameterEstimationinODE-ParticlaSwarmOptimimzationAkman, Devin, Olcay Akman, and Elsa Schaefer. 2018. Journal of Applied Mathematics.Volume 2018. pp 1-10.Abstract: Researchers using ordinary differential equations to model phenomena face two main challenges among...

  17. 3-015-S-StyrofoamBallFall

    24 Mar 2020 | Modeling Scenarios

    We are given data on a falling Styrofoam ball and we seek to model this motion.

  18. 2008-DuranCaginalp-ParameterOptimization-DE-AssetPriceForecasting

    23 Mar 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    2008-DuranCaginalp-ParameterOptimization-DE-AssetPriceForecasting Duran, Ahmet and Gunduz Caginalp. 2008. Parameter optimization for differential equations in asset price forecasting.  Optimization Methods and Software. 23: 551-574. Abstract: A system of nonlinear asset flow...

  19. 2016-Langtangen-Pederson-ScalingDifferentialEquaitons

    20 Mar 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    2016-Langtangen-Pederson-ScalingDifferentialEquaitonsLangtangen, Hans Petter and Geir K. Pedersen. 2016. Scaling of Differential Equations. New York: Springer. Text 234 pages. Accessed 20 March 2020.The Preface,Finding proper...

  20. 2011-Winkel-ParameterEstimation-Chemical Kinetics

    16 Mar 2020 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    2011-Winkel-ParameterEstimation-Chemical KineticsWinkel, Brian. 2011. Parameter estimates in differential equation models for chemical kinetics. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology. 42(1): 37-51.Abstract: We discuss the need for devoting time in...

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