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  1. 1984-Davis-NumericalMethods - Modeling For Chemical Engineering-Text

    09 Sep 2017

    Davis, Mark. E. 1984. Numerical Methods and Modeling for Chemical Engineers.  NewYork:  John Wiley & Sons.  264 pp.From the PrefaceThis book is an introduction to the quantitative treatment of differential equations that arise from modeling physical phenomena in the...

  2. 2014-Shafer-Pharmacokinetis Basis Targeted Controlled Infusion

    09 Sep 2017

    Shafer, Steven. The Pharmacokinetic and  Pharmacodynamic Basis of Target Controlled Infusion. 60 pp. . Accessed on 7 September 2017. From the introduction of the paper, “Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics provide the...

  3. 2015-Lutzer-Expected Value Introduce Laplace Transform

    09 Sep 2017

    Lutzer, Carl V.  2015. Using Expected Value to Introduce the Laplace Transform. PRIMUS: Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies. 25(4): 339-348.Abstract: We propose an introduction to the Laplace transform in which Riemann sums are used to approximate the...

  4. BobbingObjectInWater

    09 Sep 2017 | Contributor(s): Karen Bliss

    Introduction to Second Order Linear Equations- Bobbing Object in Water. 2 pp.This is a nice treatment of developing a model of a bobbing object in water from first principles with some nice additional questions which would make a nice Modeling Scenario.Keywords:  buoyancy, bobbing, water,...

  5. 2015-UpretiSarkar-Laplace Transforms And Its Applications

    08 Sep 2017

    Upreti,  Sandhya  and Ms. Piyali Sarkar.  2015. Laplace Transforms and its Applications. IJIRT. 1(6): 1943-1945. . Accessed 7 April 2017.Abstract: Laplace transform is applied in various areas of engineering and science....

  6. 2010-Boucher-Determining Dissolved Oxygen Levels

    08 Sep 2017

    Boucher, Randy.  2010.  Determining Dissolved Oxygen Levels. PRIMUS: Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies.20(4):  362-368.ABSTRACT: This project was used in a mathematical modeling and introduction to differential equations course for first-year...

  7. 2011-Wood-Squigonometry

    08 Sep 2017

    Wood, W. 2011. Squigonometry. Mathematics Magazine.  84(4): 257-265.The differential equations used to define a unit circle, namely          x’(t) = - y(t),     y’(t) = (t),      x(0) =...

  8. 2009-ReidKing-PendulumMotion

    08 Sep 2017

    Reid, Thomas F.  and Stephen C. King. 2009. Pendulum Motion and Differential Equations. PRIMUS: Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies. 19(2): 205-217,Abstract: A common example of real-world motion that can be modeled by a differential equation, and one easily...

  9. 2008-HELM-Applications Of Differential Equations Chapter19

    08 Sep 2017

    HELM - University of Southampton. 2008. Applications of Differential Equations. Chapter 19. . Accessed 5 September 2017.The sections...

  10. 2009-Martinez-Luaces-Modelling Applications Inverse Modelling

    07 Sep 2017

    Martinez-Luaces, Victor. 2009.  Modelling, applications and inverse modelling: innovations in differential equations courses. Seventh Southern Right Delta Conference.  pp. 159-170.Abstract: Differential equations and Laplace transform are widely used to solve problems concerned with...

  11. 2009-EricksonEtAl-Computational Differential Equations Text

    07 Sep 2017

    Eriksson, K., D. Estep, P. Hansho, C. Johnson. 2009. Computational Differential Equations. 521 pp. . Accessed 7 September 2017.From the Preface, “This book, together with the companion volumes Introduction to...

  12. 2015-Koss-Differential Equations In Art and Film

    07 Sep 2017

    Koss, L.  2015. Differential equations in literature, poetry and film. Journal of Mathematics and the Arts. 9(1-2): 1-16.Abstract: This paper investigates how differential equations models have been used to study works in literature, poetry and film. We present applications to works by...

  13. Finio-Linear Non Linear Springs Tutorial

    06 Sep 2017 | Contributor(s): Karen Bliss

    Finio, Ben.  Science Buddies – Linear & Nonlinear Springs Tutorial. . Accessed 5 September 2017.This tutorial provides a basic summary of linear and nonlinear...

  14. 2016-deBoer-Modeling Population Dynamics Text

    06 Sep 2017

    De Boer, Rob J. 2016 Modeling Population Dynamics:  A Graphical Approach. . Accessed 6 September 2017. 193 pp.From the Preface,“This book is an introduction into modeling population dynamics in ecology. Because there are several good...

  15. RamsayEtAl-ParameterEstimationInODEs

    06 Sep 2017

    Ramsay, J. O., G. Hooker, D. Campbell and J. Cao. Parameter Estimation for Differential Equations: A Generalized Smoothing Approach. . Accessed 6 September 2017.Summary:  We propose a new method for estimating parameters in...

  16. 1998Claus-McGahan-Modeling Projects In DE Course

    05 Sep 2017

    Claus-McGahan, Elly. 1998. Modeling Projets in a Differential Equations Course.  PRIMUS: Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies. 8(2): 137-149Abstract: Much has been said about the benefits of using projects in teaching the calculus sequence. Here we dis cuss...

  17. 1-115-S-ModelingWithFirstOrderODEs

    04 Sep 2017 | Modeling Scenarios

    Several models using first order differential equations are offered with some questions on formulating a differential equations model

  18. 2010-KijekKijek-Modeling Innovation Diffusion

    02 Sep 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Kijek, A. and T. Kijek. 20110. Modelling of Innovation Diffusion. Operations Research and Decisions. 3-4:53-68.Abstract: Since the publication of the Bass model in 1969, research on the modelling of the diffusion of innovation resulted in a vast body of scientific literature consisting of...

  19. Examples and Experiences in Teaching a Modeling-Based Differential Equations Course MathFest 2017

    23 Jul 2017 | Presentations

    This is the set of materials offered at a Workshop given at the MAA MathFest 2017, Chicago IL,  28 July 2017, Friday, 1:00 – 2:20 p.m., Mobley Room, Chicago Hilton.The session was organized and presented by Rosemary Farley, Manhattan College; Therese Shelton, Southwestern...

  20. A Particular Solutions Formula For Inhomogeneous Arbitrary Order Linear Ordinary Differential Equations

    24 May 2017 | Articles and Publications

    A particular solution for any nonhomogeneous linear second, third, and fourth order ordinary differential equation is generally determined. Applying what was determined thus; and following by example a particular solution formula for arbitrary order is obtained. Finding a particular solutions to...

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