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  1. 2014-Easton-MathModelsOfHealthFocusingOnDiabetes-DelayDEAndDataMining

    28 Nov 2017

    Easton, Jonathan. 2015.  Mathematical models of health focusing on diabetes: Delay differential equations and data mining . PhD Thesis.  Northumbria University Newcastle. Accessed 27 November 2017.Abstract: Mathematical models have been applied to...

  2. 2017-DurojayAjie-MathModelOfSPreadOfEbolaVirusDisease

    28 Nov 2017

    Durojaye, M. O. 2017.  Mathematical Model of the Spread and Control of Ebola Virus Disease. Applied Mathematics. 7(2): 23-31.Abstract This paper analyses the transmission dynamics of Ebola Virus Disease using the modified SEIR model which is a system of ordinary differential equation. We...

  3. 2012-Dominguez-GomperzModel-AnalytisForTumors

    28 Nov 2017

    Domingues, José Sérgio. 2012.  Gompertz Model: Resolution and Analysis for Tumors. Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Application. 1(7): 70-77.Abstract:  It is called cancer a wide range of diseases that has in common an unusual cells proliferation of the organism...

  4. 2011-Xiao-StudyOfMalariaTransmissionDynamicsByMathModels

    26 Nov 2017

    Xiao,Yanyu. 2011. Study of Malaria Transmission Dynamics by Mathematical Models. Doctoral thesis. The Unversity of Western Ontario.Abstract: This Ph.D thesis focuses on modeling transmission and dispersal of one of the most common infectious diseases, malaria.Firstly, an integro-differential...

  5. 1988-Strogatz-LoveAffairsAndDifferentialEquations

    26 Nov 2017

    Strogatz, Steven H. 1988. Love Affairs and Differential Equations. Mathematics Magazine. 61(7):  35.This is a system of differential equations to describe the love between Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.Keywords: differential equation, system, linear, parameters 

  6. 1986-Byori-ConnectionsBetweenCompartmentSystems-IntegroDifferentiaoEquations

    26 Nov 2017

    1986. Gyori, Istvan. Connections between compartment systems with pipes and integro-differential equations.  Mathematical Modeling. 7:  1215-1238.Abstract:  Compartmental models are a frequently used tool for the mathematical description of physiologic processes. In the classical...

  7. 2010-Hussein-Predator-PreyModeling

    26 Nov 2017

    2010. Hussein, Shaza. Predator-Prey Modeling. Undergraduate Journal of Mathematical Modeling: One + Two. 3(1):  Article 20. .   Accessed 27 November 2017.Abstract. Predator-prey models are useful and often used in the environmental...

  8. 2012-Busch-ContinuousSimulationWithODEs

    26 Nov 2017

    2012. Busch, Julian. Continuous Simulation with Ordinary Differential Equations. Seminar - Modeling and Simulation. University of Hamburg, Department of Informatics Scientific Computing. PowerPoint. 39 slides.There is a presentation of ordinary differential equations, numerical  techniques...

  9. 2015-Endale-ApplicationsOfODEsToRealWorldSystems

    26 Nov 2017

    2015. Endale, Mersha Amdie. Some application of first order differential equations to real world system. Masters Thesis. Haramaya University.We quote from the opening by the author,“The subject of differential equations is important part of mathematics for understanding the physical...

  10. 2017-Honchar-NeuralNetworksForSolvingDifferentialEquations

    26 Nov 2017

    2017. Honchar, Alex.  Neural Networks For Solving Differential Equations. Accessed 27 November 2017.We quote from the opening by the auth0r,“We mostly know neural networks as big...

  11. 2000-deOliveraEtAl-PinholeWaterFlowFromCylindricalBottles

    26 Nov 2017

    2000. deOlivera, Paulo Murilo Castro, Antonio Delfino, Eden Vieira Costa and Carlos Alberto Faria Leite.  Pinhole Water Flow From Cylindrical Bottles. Phys.Educ. 35(2): 110-119.From the opening of the article,  "We performed an experiment on elementary hydrodynamics. The basic...

  12. 2006-SalemAbudiah-LabView-InteractiveTeachingToolForDEClass

    25 Nov 2017

    2006. Salem, Asad A.  and Mufid Abudiab.  Labview: An Interactive Teaching Tool for a Differential Equations Class.Journal of Mathematical Sciences & Mathematics Education. 1(2): 1-6. Abstract: It is evident that computer based learning has become an essential part of education...

  13. Pretty Good Physics

    13 Nov 2017

    We were introduced to PrettyGood Physics  by a high school physics teacher colleague, Paul Beeken, Physics, Byram Hills High School, Armonk NY USA.  He has posted some very nice materials there on differential equations. All the material at this website is free and...

  14. IDEA - Internet Differential Equations Activities

    08 Nov 2017

    Cooper, Kevin.  IDEA - Internet Differential Equations Activities. Washington State University, Pullman WA USA.We quote from the home page of  IDEA - Internet Differential Equations Activities, .“IDEA is Internet Differential Equations Activities, an...

  15. 2012-Urbano-The Draining of a Plastic Bottle

    09 Oct 2017

    2012-Urbano, Lensyl. The Draining of a Plastic Bottle: Integrating a Physics Experiment into Calculus.  Montessori Muddle. . Accessed 9 October 2017.Abstract: I punched a small hole...

  16. 1971-BoyesEtal-Lidocaine In Man

    09 Oct 2017

    Boyes, R. N., D. B. Scott, P. J. Jebson, M. J. Godman, and D. G. Julian, M.D. 1971. Lidocaine in Man.  Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 12(1): 105-116.Abstract: Plasma levels of lidocaine were measured in 5 normal male volunteers following both intravenous and oral administration of...

  17. 2017-Adler-Mathematically Modeling Asthma-SIAM

    09 Oct 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Adler, Fred. 2017 Mathematicslly Modeling Asthma. Blog Posting.  3 pp. . Accessed 9 October 2017. From the article, “Asthma—like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer—does not have a single initiating cause,...

  18. Experiences with Teaching Differential Equations in Context Using Modeling

    25 Sep 2017 | Presentations

    Brian Winkel, Director SIMIODE, gave a talk at Department of Mathematics, Seminar, at Clarkson University, Potsdam NY USA on 28 September 2017.Title: Experiences with Teaching Differential Equations in Context Using ModelingAbstract: We share experiences and examples of using modeling to motivate...

  19. Dabbling in Differential Equation Modeling

    25 Sep 2017 | Presentations

    Brian Winkel, Director of SIMIODE, spoke on 27 September 2017 at a Noon gathering at the SUNY Potsdam School of Education and Professional Studies, Disciplined Inquiry in Education Seminar Series, organized by Dr. Sergei Abramovich School of Educaiton, SUNY Potsdam NY USA.Title: ...

  20. Ramsay-From Data To Differential Equations

    23 Sep 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Ramsay, Jim.  From Data To Differential Equations. Presentation. 52 slides.Themes:Differential equations are powerful tools for modeling data.There are new methods for estimating differential equations directly from data.Some examples are offered, drawn from chemical engineering and...