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  1. 1-062-S-BacterialGrowth

    15 Sep 2018 | Modeling Scenarios

    We offer students a simulation experience or data from a simulation and ask them to model the simulation using several approaches andusing EXCEL spreadsheet. In this particular modeling scenario, we know the exact solution and want to see how various models predict our expectations. We have used...

  2. 1-053-S-SlimeSpread

    30 Aug 2018 | Modeling Scenarios

    We offer a video showing real time spread of a cylinder of slime and challenge students to build a mathematical model for this phenomenon.

  3. 7-040-S-TankInterruptMixing

    22 Aug 2018 | Modeling Scenarios

    We present a differential equation model for the interrupted mixing of a tank with salt water. We offer two solution strategies (1) two step approach and (2) Laplace Transforms.

  4. 1-067-S-ModelingWithSigmoidCurves

    18 Aug 2018 | Modeling Scenarios

    The assignment considers two well-known models of population growth, Verhulst-Pearl and Gompertz models, for which qualitative and quantitative analyses are provided. The graphs of the corresponding functions have a sigmoidal or S-shape. The assignment contains two opposite, but related tasks:...

  5. 1-130-S-AspirinAbsorption

    15 Aug 2018 | Modeling Scenarios

    We model the amount of aspirin absorbed by the human body at a constant rate. This is a ``zero-order reaction'' in the language of pharmacokinetics -- the study of how drugs move in the body. This simple activity can be used to introduce differential equations and it can be used to...

  6. 1984-Hays-CompartmentModelsForHumanIodineMetabolism

    07 Mar 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Hays, Marguerite. 1984. Compartmental Models for Human Iodine Metabolism. Mathematical  Biosciences. 73: 317-335.ABSTRACT: Compartmental models for the various aspects of human iodine metabolism are reviewed, emphasizing the role of Mones Berman in the development of this field. The review...

  7. 2017-Agmour EtAl-OptimizationofFishermenProfitsExploitingCompetingSpecies

    07 Mar 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Imane Agmour, Meriem Bentounsi, Naceur Achtaich, and Youssef El Foutayeni. 2017. Optimization of the Two Fishermen’s Profits Exploiting Three Competing Species Where Prices Depend on Harvest. International Journal of Differential Equations. Volume 2017, Article ID 3157294, 17...

  8. 2017-Allali-MathModelingOfAdaptiveImmunieResponses-HBVInfection

    07 Mar 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Karam Allali, Adil Meskaf, and Abdessamad Tridane. 2018. Mathematical Modeling of the Adaptive Immune Responses in the Early Stage of the HBV Infection. International Journal of Differential Equations. Volume 2017, Article ID 6710575, 13 pagesThis is an open access article distributed under the...

  9. 2017-Suebcharoen-PredatorPreyModelWithSwitchingForPredator

    07 Mar 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Suebcharoen, T. 2017. Analysis of a Predator-Prey Model with Switching and Stage-Structure for Predator. International Journal of Differential Equations. Volume 2017, Article ID 2653124, 11 pages.This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which...

  10. FirstOrderModels

    03 Mar 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Modeling with First Order EquationsMathematical models characterize physical systems, often using differential equations.Model Construction: Translating physical situation into mathematical terms. Clearly state physical principlesbelieved to govern process. Differential equation is a mathematical...

  11. LeakingBucket: Differential Equations in Engineering

    03 Mar 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Differential Equations in Engineering: The Leaking Bucket. Laboratory Experiment. 4 pp.From the Text:7.1 Laboratory ObjectiveThe objective of this laboratory is to learn about first order differential equations and theirapplication to a leaking bucket. 7.2 Educational ObjectivesAfter...

  12. The Logistic Differential Equation

    03 Mar 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    The Logistic Differential Equation. Notes. 7 pp.Goals from the notes:• MATH: To analyze the behavior of solutions of an ordinary differential equation geometrically .• MATH: To analyze stability behavior of equilibria of an ordinary differential equation geometricallyand...

  13. 2008-Revelle-CuesTendanciesActions-DynamicsOfActionRevisited

    01 Dec 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Revelle, William. 2008.  Cues, Tendencies and Actions: The Dynamics of Action Revisited. Department of Psychology, Northwestern University. Paper. 20 pp.Abstract: The theory of the Dynamics of Action Atkinson & Birch (1970) was a theory before its time. Few psychologists of the 1970s...

  14. 2016-LofgrenEtAl-EquationsOfTheEnd-MathModelingUsingZombieApocapylse

    28 Nov 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Lofgren, Eric T., Kristy M. Collins, Tara C. Smith, and Reed A. Cartwright. 2016. Equations of the End: Teaching Mathematical Modeling Using the Zombie Apocalypse. Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education. 17(1): 137-142.From the Introduction, “Mathematical models of infectious...

  15. 2008-Witthansen-ExamplesOfDifferentialEquationsInPhysics

    28 Nov 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Witt-Hansen, Ole.  Examples Of Differential Equations In Physics.  Article. 29 pp. Source: . Accessed 27 November 2017.This is an article from the author’s homepage. The work contains fundamental and basic background and derivation of the differential equation...

  16. 2012-Busch-ContinuousSimulationWithODEs

    28 Nov 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Busch, Julian. 2012. Continuous simulation with ordinary differential equations.  PowerPoint slides. 41 slides.This is a talk given with emphasis on differential equations and numerical methods leading to application for N-body simulation. Keyword: differential equation, N-body,...

  17. 2014-Easton-MathModelsOfHealthFocusingOnDiabetes-DelayDEAndDataMining

    28 Nov 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Easton, Jonathan. 2015.  Mathematical models of health focusing on diabetes: Delay differential equations and data mining . PhD Thesis.  Northumbria University Newcastle. Accessed 27 November 2017.Abstract: Mathematical models have been applied to...

  18. 2017-DurojayAjie-MathModelOfSPreadOfEbolaVirusDisease

    28 Nov 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Durojaye, M. O. 2017.  Mathematical Model of the Spread and Control of Ebola Virus Disease. Applied Mathematics. 7(2): 23-31.Abstract This paper analyses the transmission dynamics of Ebola Virus Disease using the modified SEIR model which is a system of ordinary differential equation. We...

  19. 2012-Dominguez-GomperzModel-AnalytisForTumors

    28 Nov 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Domingues, José Sérgio. 2012.  Gompertz Model: Resolution and Analysis for Tumors. Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Application. 1(7): 70-77.Abstract:  It is called cancer a wide range of diseases that has in common an unusual cells proliferation of the organism...

  20. 1988-Strogatz-LoveAffairsAndDifferentialEquations

    26 Nov 2017 | Potential Scenario Ideas

    Strogatz, Steven H. 1988. Love Affairs and Differential Equations. Mathematics Magazine. 61(7):  35.This is a system of differential equations to describe the love between Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.Keywords: differential equation, system, linear, parameters 

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