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SIMIODE Resource Guide for Course Materials is fashioned after a traditional textbook's Table of Content.

To access the Guide simply click on the Download the PDF Black Box to the Upper Right.

This is a listing  of all of SIMIODE's Modeling Scenarios and Text Narratives.  Numbered materials have been refereed, revised, and posted and the enumeration scheme corresponds roughly to that used in chapters in a traditional text on differential equations.

Descriptive resource titles with area of application permit the viewer to ascertain if this resource is of interest and the complete set of materials for each resource are linked for immediate access. 

The resources in SIMIODE are a growing collection of materials which can be used to assist students and faculty to learn differential equations in context, through modeling.

These materials are hyper-linked to Student Versions  and they are available to the public with no sign in or membership.

Users must join and be logged in to Teachers Group to see Extended Teacher Versions.

Consider adding your own Modeling Scenarios or Technique Narratives through SIMIODE's double-blind, peer review process for online publication 



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