2015-Winkel, Brian - Sample SIMIODE Course Syllabus

By Brian Winkel


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Sample SIMIODE Course Syllabus    
This syllabus is designed for a 15 week, 3 credit hour course using experimentation,  modeling, and technology to lead students through a traditional sequence of  differential equations topics.  All hyper-linked resources are available at SIMIODE (www.simiode.org).      
This syllabus can be tailored for different semester lengths, credit hours, topical foci and/or flow level of emphasis on technology, level of emphasis on programming, and  level of emphasis on theory by selecting alternative learning activities, including many more that are available on www.simiode.org .    
At every opportunity a modeling activity is used to introduce differential equations. Numbered resources are hyper-linked and available for use now.     

The topics of numerical methods are integrated into modeling and analysis.   


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