Authentic sources for teaching logistic growth

By Kristian Danielsen-11, Henrik Kragh Sørensen-22

1. Randers Statsskole, Denmark 2. Centre for Science Studies, Aarhus Univeristy, Denmark

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Kristian Danielsen and Henrik Kragh Sørensen, Randers Statsskole, Denmark, Centre for Science Studies, Aarhus Univeristy, Denmark. 2014.  Using authentic sources in teaching logistic growth: A narrative design perspective. Presented at “7th European Summer University on the History and Epistemology in Mathematics Education”. Copenhagen, Denmark July 14–18, 2014.

This paper is found at the website: .

Also at this website are data sets from the historic literature on populations from Verhulst's original works.

The authors show how to use the historicl readings and daga sets to teach.


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