2001-MotulskyChristopoulos-Fitting Models to Biological Data

By Harvey Motulsky, Arthur Christopoulos

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Motulsky, Harvey and Arthur Christopoulos. 2001. Fitting Models to Biological Data Using Linear and Nonlinear Regression:  A Practical Guide to Curve Fitting. La Jolla CA:  GraphPad Software. 351 pp.

Freely downloadable pdf text, http://www.graphpad.com/faq/file/Prism4RegressionBook.pdf . Accessed 29 November 2014.

This wonderful and practical guide offers a powerful combination of biostatistics, curve fitting (nonlinear regression) and scientific graphing. The t ext is to accompany GraphPad’s software package, Prism, which is used in the world's leading universities, medical centers, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies. The software has different pricing schemes for academics (non-expiring license @$450 with CD; personal one year subscription license @$150). See complete information at http://www.graphpad.com/ .

One could assign students to read sections to get a feel for what can be done to estimate parameters in models. Even without using the software (because the text is really not software dependent) a reader can learn a great deal about the theory and practice of curve fitting.

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