2016-Rodrigues, Helena Sofia - Application of SIR epidemiological model: new trends

By Brian Winkel


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Rodrigues, Helena Sofia. 2016. Application of SIR epidemiological model: new trends. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Informatics.  10: 92-97. 2016

 See https://arxiv.org/abs/1611.02565 .

Abstract: The simplest epidemiologic model composed by mutually exclusive compartments SIR (susceptible-infectedsusceptible) is presented to describe a reality. From health concerns to situations related with marketing, informatics or even sociology, several are the fields that are using this epidemiological model as a first approach to better understand a situation. In this paper, the basic transmission model is analyzed, as well as simple tools that allows us to extract a great deal of information about possible solutions. A set of applications - traditional and new ones - is described to show the importance of this model.

Keywords: SIR, epidemiological models, basic reproduction number, differential equations, applications.

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