SCUDEM IV 2019 MathBowl Questions, Hints, Answers, and Score Sheets

By Brian Winkel




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We offer complete materials on MathBowl event which is student activity held during annual SCUDEM - SIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equations event. All materials can be found under black box "Download" above and to the right with Click on "Additional materials available."

These would be suitable for math clubs, honoraries, department levity, classroom use, senior seminar fun day, etc.

The materials are from SCUDEM I 2017, SCUDEM II 2018, SCUDEM III 2018, SCUDEM IV 2019, etc. as the events are held.

For each SCUDEM there are the following materials with appropriate version as document title header:

SCUDEM - SIMIODE Math Bowl Questions,

SCUDEM - SIMIODE Math Bowl Questions AND Answers, and

SCUDEM - SIMIODE Math Bowl Answer Submission Sheet AND Hints AND Answers.

Here are some general instructions for conducting the MathBowl.

The idea is to put up sample MathBowl question and do the same for actual MathBowl questions, solicit an answer, wait 15 seconds, give the hint – not the answer(!) - from this document, wait additional 15 seconds after the hint and move to the next question),

Blank Answer Sheet (print up one sheet per student – there are two half sheets to a 11.5” by 8” paper in the and collect after MathBowl, having for tally and scores – be flexible in accepting answers, e.g., Yankees would suffice for an answer that might otherwise merit New York Yankees).

After all submissions are collected and being scored the moderator goes through the questions, solicits student answers, and then presents the “approved” answer in that sequence in this Answers PowerPoint.

Feel free to share this material. Enjoy!

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