SCUDEM I, II, and III Problems and Additional Problems Materials

By Brian Winkel


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SCUDEM – SIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equation Modeling

Problems and Additional Issue for

SCUDEM I (October 2017), SCUDEM II (April 2018),

and SCUDEM III (October 2018)


See SCUDEM home page for details of SCUDEM IV 2019, 9 November 2019.

General Information

For each SCUDEM event three student teams from high school, two year colleges, and four year undergraduate colleges and universities, select one of three problems to work on for 8 days at their home competition and then assemble as local site nearby for engaging day of sharing their results, enjoying camaraderie with other students and faculty coaches, working on an additional issue for the model of their choice, participating in a fun MathBowl, and getting immediate feedback and awards for their efforts.

Upon arrival at the local site teams submit a two page executive summary, receive an Additional Problem with the instructions, “You are not to redo your model, but just indicate how the additional issue for your model might be incorporated in your mathematical formulation and the results you might expect.” They incorporate their responses to the additional issue in their previously prepares ten minute presentation for judging.

The three problems offered at each SCUDEM are in the areas of (a) physics/engineering, (b) life science/chemistry, and (c) social science.

Complete details on all aspects of SCUDEM including statements of the problems, commentaries by the author of the problems, and all student submissions are offered in the respective SCUDEM event sections at the SCUDEM home page.

In the following pages we offer the statements of the Problems and the Additional Issues for each SCUDEM event for all three problems, A, B, and C.

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