By Karam Allali1, Adil Meskaf1, Abdessamad Tridane

1. Hassan II Mohammedia University, Mohammedia, Morocco

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Karam Allali, Adil Meskaf, and Abdessamad Tridane. 2018. Mathematical Modeling of the Adaptive Immune Responses in the Early Stage of the HBV Infection. International Journal of Differential Equations. Volume 2017, Article ID 6710575, 13 pages

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Abstract: The aim of this paper is to study the early stage of HBV infection and impact delay in the infection process on the adaptive immune response, which includes cytotoxic T-lymphocytes and antibodies. In this stage, the growth of the healthy hepatocyte cells is logistic while the growth of the infected ones is linear. To investigate the role of the treatment at this stage, we also consider two types of treatment: interferon-

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