LeakingBucket: Differential Equations in Engineering

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Differential Equations in Engineering: The Leaking Bucket. Laboratory Experiment. 4 pp.

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7.1 Laboratory Objective

The objective of this laboratory is to learn about first order differential equations and their

application to a leaking bucket.


7.2 Educational Objectives

After performing this experiment, students should be able to:

     1. Understand the modeling of a leaking bucket dynamic system.

     2. Measure the key parameters of a leaking bucket dynamic system.

     3. Validate a mathematical model of the leaking bucket with observed data.


7.3 Background

Differential equations are an integral part of engineering. Almost all system response can be

described by a differential equation. Knowledge of how to solve these problems is key to an

engineer's success. This lab looks at one classification of a differential equation; first order,

constant coefficient, and homogeneous.

This lab DOES NOT do the nonliunear TOrricelli's Law term, but rather linearizes.

Keywords:  leaking bucket, Torricelli’s Law, linear, nonlinear, model, differential equation, first-order

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