By Pavithra Sivakumar1, Lakshmanan Rajendran2

1. Department of Mathematics, PMT College, Usilampatti INDIA 2. Department of Mathematics, The Madura College, Madurai INDIA

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Sivakumar, Pavithra and  Lakshmanan Rajendran. 2012.  Approximate Analytical Expression of Concentrations in a Kinetic Model for Biogas Generation from Banana Waste. Applied Mathematics. 5(1): 7-14.

Abstract: The initial value problem in a kinetic model for biogas generation from banana waste is discussed. The model involves the system of non-linear differential equations which has variety of non-linear rate function. Simple and approximate polynomial expressions of concentration are derived for non-linear kinetics models in biogas generation. Comparison of the approximate analytical approximation and numerical stimulations is also presented. A satisfactory agreement between theoretical predictions and numerical result is observed for times t ≤ 25 days. The concentrations are also computed for various values of parameters.

Keywords: model, non-linear, differential equations, Michaelis-Menten kinetics, anaerobic digestion, acidogenic steps, methanogenic steps, banana, waste

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