2018-Hohenauer, W. - Hohenauer-Physical modelling based on first order ODEs

By W. Hohenauer

Licensed according to this deed.

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Hohenauer, W.  Physical modelling based on first order ODEs. Notes. 22 pp.

http://www.phox.at/upload/Physical%20modelling%20based%20on%20first%20order%20ODEs%20(v1.3).pdf . Accessed 3 March 2018.

Abstract:  An introduction in techniques to solve first order ODE´s is given. Barometric formula, charging and discharging of a capacitor including its application for AMV, magnetic induction and growth effects are discussed. Physics of magnetic induction motivates to extend modelling capabilities in oscillation phenomena.

Keywords: model, differential equations, capacitor, induction, magnet, magnetic induction

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