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Lion chases down an Antelope (source unknown)

From the document,

“Suppose an antelope is running along a straight path at a constant speed k. Without loss of generality suppose he is running along the x axis.

“A lion starts chasing the antelope at a speed 2k in such a way that the lion's direction of motion at

any time is along his line of site to the antelope i.e. the tangent line to the lion's path has as its x-intercept the position of the antelope.

“Again without loss of generality assume the lion is on the y axis a distance d when she first sees the antelope at the origin.”

Questions offered are:

1. What is the lion's trajectory

2. Where does the lion catch the antelope?

3. How long does it take to catch the antelope?

Keywords: chase, model, lion, antelope, heading, direction

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