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We were introduced to PrettyGood Physics  by a high school physics teacher colleague, Paul Beeken, Physics, Byram Hills High School, Armonk NY USA.  He has posted some very nice materials there on differential equations

All the material at this website is free and downloadable!

There are sections in which differential equations play a prominent role, for example  PGP Calc for APPC Calculus Materials for students taking AP Physics C courses.

Topics include

PGP Circular Motion
PGP Calc for APPC
PGP Rotation
PGP Electricity q,E
PGP Energy
PGP Fluids
PGP Gravity
PGP Newton's Laws
PGP Kinematics
PGP Magnetism
PGP Modern Phys
PGP Momentum
PGP Nuclear Phys
PGP Optics & Light
PGP Particle Physics
PGP Thermo
PGP Vectors
PGP Waves

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