1991-Chicone, Carmine - Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications. Textbook.

By Brian Winkel


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Chicone, Carmine. 1991. Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications. New York: Springer. 571 pp.

See http://math.ecnu.edu.cn/~zmwang/teaching/Advanced_ODE-2014-2015/1-Textbook_and_Reference_book/2-Ordinary%20Differential%20Equations%20with%20Applications.pdf . Accessed 6 September 2017.

This is a complete text for a graduate level course. Hence there is much theory, but there is a chapter on applications with some sophisticated approaches and high level modeling of motion of charged particle, motion of binary mass system, orbits, Kepler motion, and more. Often the approach is from a higher perspective say using the Lagrangian.  No data is modeled.

Keywords: theory, charged particle, Kepler motion, orbits, two mass system, atom, magnetic field, coupled pendulum, inverted pendulum

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