1971-Metzler-Usefulness Of Two Compartment Open Model In Pharmacokinetics

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Metzler, Carl M. , 1971. Usefulness of the Two-Compartment Open Model in Pharmacokinetics. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 66( 333): 49-53

Abstract: Compartment models are widely used in pharmaceutical research to quantitate the kinetics of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of a drug. In this article two applications of the two compartment open model are discussed. This discussion shows that, in spite of the extreme simplification and obvious weaknesses of this model, it has properties that make it a useful tool in drug research when properly used.

An example with several compartment models is demonstrated on the study of LSD in the human body.

Keywords: pharmacokinetics, compartment, model, differential equation, LSD

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