2017-Stan, Guy-Bart - Modelling in Biology.

By Brian Winkel


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2017. Stan, Guy-Bart. Modelling in Biology. Class Notes. Imperial College of London. 71 pp.

Keywords: differential equation, model, stability, equilibrium, bifurcation, mass action, spring mass, limit cycles.

This is a very rich set of notes, rich in examples and ideas for modeling. In almost all cases after a model is introduced in real context there is attention to stability analysis. The hyperlinked Table of Contents permit one to wander easily after finding an area of interest.

There are many references to other sources of modeling opportunities.

Dr. Stan has a great deal of resource materials at his web site, including extensive support lecture materials for Modelling in Biology at http://www.bg.ic.ac.uk/research/g.stan/#Lecture_Notes.

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