Fitzpatrick, Richard-2011-Newtonian Dynamics

By Brian Winkel


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Author: Fitzpatrick, Richard

Date of Publication:   Accessed on 5 March 2017

Title: Newtonian Dynamics


Richard Fitzpatrick is a Professor of Physics at The University of Texas at Austin, Austin TX USA with a passion for completeness in detail which should be appreciated by members pf the mathematics community who seek to understand the rationale for many physical applications of differential equations. This 300 page text is packed with motivational physics.  Indeed, Professor Fitzpatrick brings us to the origins of why differential equations are the dominant tools of mathematics in the study of motion.  For in every formulation, be it one or higher dimensional motion,  multi-body studies, calculus of variation, coupled oscillations, gravitational potential, or chaos, the text leads us to appropriate differential equations.

Moreover, there are thoughtful exercises in each section which both use physics and the language offered in mathematics to solve physically interesting situations.

This text will serve as a resource for why we find differential equations at t he core of physical sciences,at least dynamics in physics - and that is lots of science!

The exposition style is direct, non-pompous, and informative as well as engaging, but not quite conversational. As one might imagine from a physicist the exposition is clear and concise, with justification of all steps and motivation to boot. The notation is demanding and rigorous as it must be in such discourse, but important equations are raised up and supported with quality exposition.

This would serve as a supporting text to demonstrate fundamental physical principles that motivate the application and use of differential equations.

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