By Randy Boucher1, Ivan Dungan2

1. Mathematics, US Military Academy, West Point NY USA 2. Mathematics, United States Military Academy, West Point NY USA

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The project is a collection of five different scenarios regarding the shock system of a trailer; the first three are chronological and the latter two are optional independent scenarios. In the first two scenarios, students must compare three different shock absorbers (or shocks) for the trailer. They must first compare the shocks when being loaded and then while driving on a given terrain. The third scenario considers a cheaper shock. In the fourth scenario, an alternative use of the trailer is being tested. They will use vertical displacement data of the trailer to estimate the damping coefficient of the shock system. Using the damping coefficient, they can model the trailer and predict the long-term behavior of the trailer. The final scenario is to model the trailer being pulled over an intense terrain. The project has been written from the point of view of a recently commissioned second lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

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