Phillips, H. B. 1922. Differential Equations

By Brian Winkel


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Phillips, H.B.   John Wiley & Sons. 1922. 84 pp. . Cut and paste this link. Accessed 18 June 2019.

This is a freely available reprint of a classic work in which the author, a professor of mathematics at MIT, offers up the traditional materials on ordinary differential equations with concise narratives on techniques, rich examples and applications, exercises of the techniques involved and the applications or models.

Answers to all problems are given and in this version there are some hand written corrections as well.

The techniques do not involve Laplace Transforms and the material confines itself to first and second order differential equations. The exposition is very clear and could serve as a source for standard material with practice problems and solutions as well as a source for modeling activities with small, direct applications.

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