Chasnov, Jeffrey. 2014. Lecture Notes on Introduction to Differential Equations.

By Brian Winkel


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Author: Chasnov, Jeffrey.


Date of Publication:  2014


Title: Lecture Notes on Introduction to Differential Equations.


Accessed 16 August 2016.

Jeffrey R. Chasnov is a Professor of Mathematics at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and his home page announces several online texts among them this differential equations text, but also includes Lecture Notes on Mathematical Biology at which contains some very nice mathematics surrounding differential equations issues of population modeling and epidemic modeling. There are no exercises in the mathematical biology book. The notes, Lecture Notes to Numerical Methods,  has a chapter on numerical methods in differential equations with MatLab code.

Dr. Chasnov has a rich set of YouTube videos in which he very patiently explains solution strategies and applications. His book Differential Equations with YouTube Examples can be found at .  Indeed, he has a large presence on YouTube in which he offers many solid explanatory videos on techniques and background.

The differential equations text is 128 pages and develops and motivates the theory of the material nicely, with links to YouTube lectures to assist. While there are no exercises this text could serve very well for the fundamentals of differential equations

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