2015-Winkel, Brian - Templates for Creating and Uploading SIMIODE Submissions

By Brian Winkel


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Here is the template for Teacher and Student Versions for Modeling Scenario and Technique Narrative submissions (all in one) AND Class file for TeX for SIMIODE submissions as well as a WORD template.

There is one TeX template with a toggle (see TeX file) in which a 1 means the Teacher Version is compiled and a 0 means the Student Version is compiled - both from the same file!

Basically by enclosing material in the curlies of teacher, e.g., abstract, keywords, author information, some bibliographic information, and the COMMENTS section in which the author offers comments and solution information to the reader are wrapped in the curlies of teacher and when the toggle is set to 0 the wrapped materials are not TeXed and do not appear in compiled file - thus producing a Student Version, and when the toggle is set to 1 the wrapped material is TeXed and do appear for a nice clean Teacher Version. See TeX files for details. The default value is 1 for Teacher Version.

For submission to the manuscript management site (https://simiode.expressacademic.org)   please construct a pdf of a Teacher Version WITHOUT author identification and then follow the instructions to upload your work. You may also upload supplementary materials, e.g, Excel spreadsheet, Mathematica notebook, Maple work file, etc. but make sure they do not have author identifiers.

Instructions and template for the WORD submissions are offered as well.

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