What are resources?

Resources are user-submitted pieces of content that range from video presentations to publications to simulation tools.

Who can submit a resource?

Anyone can submit a resource! Resources must be relevant to the community and may undergo a short approval process to ensure all appropriate files and information are included.

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Articles and Publications

These are materials for which you have permission to reproduce.

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Free Online Texts

Find annotated descriptions and links to Free Online Texts.

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General Resources

These are broad sets of resources for teaching and include pointers to on-line class notes, presentations, videos, blogs, good questions, etc.

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Modeling Scenarios

These are key pedagogical components of SIMIODE in which a modeling situation, rich in detail, motivates the study of differential equations. These are peer reviewed.

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Potential Scenario Ideas

These are materials, thoughts, pointers, summaries, etc. about your modeling scenario ideas. As much detail as possible should be offered. These are not complete and may be a solicitation for collaborators.

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These are singular materials (usually one set of notes or one PowerPoint, video, outline, etc.) which you believe SIMIODE members will value for which you have permission to reproduce.

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Sample Syllabi and Course Reflections

Syllabi and course experiences and narratives which illustrate SIMIODE approaches. Please examine and reproduce for your own classes.

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Everything about SIMIODE's Student Challenge Using Differential Equations Modeling, including past result and challenge problems.


Technique Narratives

These provide techniques and strategies for solving differential equations and must be clear, with examples and activities or exercises for students. These are peer reviewed.

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(Under Construction) Simulation and modeling tools that can be accessed via a web browser.

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Tools (Windows)

(Under Construction) A simulation tool is software that allows users to run a specific type of calculation. These are (MS) Windows-based.

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