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How to Change My Profile Photo

Note, these instructions are only for a desktop. At this time, you cannot change or view a profile photo from a mobile device.

  1. Login and navigate to your Dashboard. To get to your Dashboard, click on the member icon in the upper right side of the screen.
  2. From the Dashboard, look on the left hand side for the Profile menu item. Click there and you will then have an option to Change Picture in your menu. screenshot of dashboard menu showing the Profile button and the Change Picture button
  3. You will see the dialog box Upload a New Profile Photo. Click on Upload an Image to choose a file from your computer. step02-UploadAnImage.jpg
  4. Once you are finished, your profile will show a photo. step03-AfterImageUploaded.jpg
If you have any problems adding or deleting a profile photo, please send us a Support Ticket. Feel free to leave any comments below that could help us make this article better. Thanks!

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