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About the Group

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This is a group for colleagues who are serving as local hosts at their school for the SCUDEM 2018 Event.

We also have a Coaches Corner for colleagues who wish to learn and share information about coaching SCUDEM teams from their school.


  1. Richard Spindler

    I downloaded the most recent excel spreadsheet file to see who has registered, but I don't see where it indicates what local host they chose. Am I missing something? Thanks. 

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  2. Gunog Seo

    Our university is one of the host sites for the competition. Unfortunately, no universities and colleges near our school have registered for the SCUDEM 2018. I know the registration is already closed. But, is it possible to invite other departments at our university and have the SCUDEM here? If it's possible, are we able to get a check to cover $400 for local expenses? 

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  3. Richard Spindler

    Because we didn't have other teams come to our site, our team worked on it without the benefit of seeing other team's work at the end. Is it possible somehow to see executive summaries of other student teams?

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