High School and Pre-College Differential Equations Teachers

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27 Aug 2019

Welcome to this High School and Pre-College Differential Equations Teachers Group!

Here you will find colleagues with interest in using modeling to motivate teaching differential equations and issues related specifically to high schools. You can also expect materials, data, activities, etc. which are for broader use of modeling in your other mathematics classes, e.g., meaning and modeling of exponential processes.

We will grow and enrich this group experience with many opportunities once we migrate our whole SIMIODE community to QUBES at this end of July 2021.


  1. Cecil B Flournoy Jr

    Hello all,

    I am curious on what resources you use in teaching Differential Equations.  I read the article, 

    TEN LESSONS I WISH I HAD LEARNED BEFORE I STARTED TEACHING DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS after my first year and felt that I had spent too much time teaching methods that weren't that relevant and not enough time with applications and problem solving techniques.  I am currently using A First Course in Differential Equations with Modeling Applications by Dennis Zill as a textbook but have started looking at Differential Equations 4th edition by Blanchard and Devaney because of its focus on getting to actual problem solving.  I am also curious to see what Topics other people cover and which topics are skipped.

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  2. Mufid Abudiab

    I spent most of my teaching career working in Texas. This is the first time I realize that differential equations is taught at high school level. I am aware that a chapter on differential equations is introduced in Calculus II for advanced students.

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  3. J├Ârgen Teichter


    I usually start with an introduction using the physical quantities position, speed and acceleration.

    In what way the quantities are changing using derivative and integral. The step to differential equation is done by using a real life application outside. There are plenty to choose among. 

    The first discussion will be in what way we can model the application by the use of these physical quantities using words and drawings. The next step will be the differential equation notation. 

    Then discussion about (using words and drawings) how to solve the differential equation by changing the quantities. The next step will be solving the differential equation using notation.

    Using a textbook isn't the first choice for me. The students have to understand the concept before I introduce problems from textbooks.

    The curriculum determines what topics to be dealt with. I can't skip those topics since they are mandatory.

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