Comments just received from my ODE course takers

  1. Virgil Ganescu


    While facilitating an undergrad ODE course this spring of 2019, and since I've include several projects throughout the material, I've directed my students to give serious consideration for their last course project. Here's some feedback just received:

    1. a student used the ZOMBIES vs HUMAN simulation model ... she found the different links and "various simulations referenced on rather neat" (and I quote :)),
    2. another student used the HOME HEATING model, having her "room" as testing environment ... and found that the model was simply just like what we did in class, except that the modeling scenario (from went in more "practical" depth/s and
    3. about half a dozen additional students (engineering students) used MYSTERY CIRCUIT, RL and/or RLC respectively; these learners commented that everything was well laid out, step by step, to the point, and found that Multisim was a very quick, "affordable" and efficient way to demonstrate that what we do in class is actually a reflection of what is really happening in the real world .
    Thank you all the hard work, and let's keep promoting these simulating scenarios, and the great cause SIMIODE stands by.
  2. Brian Winkel

    Thank you Virgil for sharing this good news. It is good to see students exploring and enjoying SIMIODE resources.

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