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About Creating a Forum
79 About Creating a Forum Information about Creating a Forum is available here. 1 Discussions 1 Posts
On Line Text Resources
80 On Line Text Resources This is a forum in which colleagues can discuss their experiences with our online text resources which we offer at our Free OnLine Texts page: 0 Discussions 0 Posts
Online differential equations courses - how is it going?
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SCUDEM - Student Perspective
50 SCUDEM - Student Perspective This is a forum for student participants in SCUDEM events to share their views, reflections, suggestions, successes, and ideas about SCUDEM. 1 Discussions 3 Posts
SIMIODE Modeling Activities in Online Setting
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Student Conversations about Modeling in Differential Equations Course
49 Student Conversations about Modeling in Differential Equations Course We encourage students to share their experiences in doing modeling in their differential equations course. 0 Discussions 0 Posts
Successes and Improvements in SIMIODE
48 Successes and Improvements in SIMIODE Share with others your successes in being a member of SIMIODE community, using resources, and teaching with modeling materials from SIMIODE and also suggest improvements to make SIMIODE better. 1 Discussions 1 Posts
Use of Modeling Scenarios
47 Use of Modeling Scenarios This is a Forum in which you can share your experiences in using Modeling Scenarios in teaching. Discussions about preparation, actual use, mathematics, modeling context, model, techniques, data, and whatever issue relates to use of SIMIODE Modeling Scenarios in teaching. Make suggestions as to improvements and contribute your own materials or versions, but be sure to add Comments using the Comments Tab on the particular resource so the author gets feedback directly. 1 Discussions 2 Posts