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COMAP MCM and ICM 4-8 February 2021

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Apply Mathematics and Model to Win!

2021 Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)® and

2021 Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM)®

February 4-8, 2021

COMAP’s undergraduate contests in modeling, the MCM and the ICM, are international contests designed to provide students with the opportunity to work as team members to engage in and improve their modeling, problem-solving, and writing skills. Teams of up to three students from your institution apply mathematics to model and develop a solution to a real-world problem. This international contest is open to students of all disciplines and there is no limit on the number of teams any one institution can enter.

Our contests can be part of your in-person, hybrid, or virtual classroom in 2021! Student teams can work on the contest virtually. Teams compete for national and international recognition, and could win $10,000!

See to register and follow us on Twitter @COMAPMath for up-to-date contest information.

The Contest: Form a modeling team of up to three students – Choose one of six contest problems – Work over five days from February 4-8, 2021 to Model and solve your problem -- Submit your electronic solution paper to COMAP (Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications). Win Big!

          MCM Problem A (continuous)
          MCM Problem B (discrete)
          MCM Problem C (data insights)
          ICM Problem D (operations research/network science)
          ICM Problem E (environmental science)
          ICM Problem F (policy)

If your team is designated as Outstanding, you will be among those competing for the International COMAP $10,000 Scholarship Award! Register at

Benefits for Students

  1. Develop problem-solving skills.
  2. Work in a team environment.
  3. Apply knowledge outside the classroom.
  4. Learn how to use mathematics as a tool to solve interesting problems.
  5. Learn more about a topic or issue facing our world today.
  6. Communicate results to technical and nontechnical audiences.
  7. Use data effectively.
  8. Boost your resume & your interview skills.

Benefits for Advisors

  1. Showcase the value of modeling.
  2. Develop students as professionals. 
  3. Engage students outside the classroom.
  4. Mentor students.
  5. Provide extra-curricular opportunities that match your research interests.
  6. Create interdisciplinary partnerships with colleagues.
  7. Experience the joy of hearing students’ positive experiences of solving a complex problem.

For Contest and Scholarship Details, Previous Years’ Contest Problems, FAQs, Resources, and Registration, go to:

Contest Poster – Click here to download the 2021 MCM/ICM contest poster. Share this flyer via email/social media with your students and/or post on your department’s bulletin board.

The MCM®/ICM® Contest in Modeling is sponsored by COMAP Inc. with support from INFORMS, Two Sigma Investments, MAA, AMS, ASA, and SIAM. The contest attracts diverse students and faculty advisors from over 1000 institutions around the world.

Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP) or

Follow us on Twitter @COMAPMath for contest update

When: Thursday 04 February, 2021 12:00 am EST - Monday 08 February, 2021 12:00 am EST
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