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03 Apr 2021

Welcome to the SIMIODE Textbook Student Group where you will find support materials for the SIMIODE online text Differential Equations:  A Toolbox for Modeling the World by Dr. Kurt Bryan.

This Group is available to those who have purchased the textbook and then (as a registered member of SIMIODE) have requested Group membership. We welcome you all.

To access the features and links in this page you must be logged into your SIMIODE account.

You may submit any errors you find here. We and your fellow readers will appreciate that as we will incorporate them in an updated version.

Features of this Group:

Forum area
A place to discuss the textbook with other students.
Wish List area
Tell us how we can improve the textbook and your experience.
We will be populating this section with materials to support your use of the textbook.

How to Join this Group:

  1. Purchase the textbook.
  2. Register at SIMIODE and wait for account approval or login to your SIMIODE account.
  3. Reach this group page again: click on Community at the top menu, hover on Groups then click on SIMIODE Textbook - Student Group.
  4. Click the Request Group Membership button on the group page, enter your purchase code, and wait for approval from the group manager.

If you are an instructor using the textbook for your class, please join the SIMIODE Textbook - Teacher group instead of this one.

Thank you.