Grateful to MAA FOCUS

We are very grateful to Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin, Editor of MAA FOCUS, for publishing our article, Let's Do It:  Using Modeling in the Classroom, in the April/May 2017 issue of the magazine. The piece can be found (along with all the other newsy and rich articles in ALL the other online issues) for FREE at the MAA FOCUS website. No membership in MAA is required to access this valuable resource for ideas, people, and programs. However, if you like what you see then join the MAA, keep yourself mathematically informed,  and support undergraduate mathematics education.

The article cites studies and reports in support of more modeling in differential equations courses and in coursework, in general. Examples of modeling materials from SIMIODE are illustrated and readers are encouraged to visit the SIMIODE website to learn more. Enjoy and join our merry band at SIMIODE where all is FREE as well.

  1. differential equations
  3. modeling

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