May 2017

  1. This says it all - student feedback

    Just check this out from Math in the City at University of Nebraska home page. First line under Student Feedback: "I liked the fact that we didn't know what we were capable of doing until we did it." This says it all. Makes it worthwhile. End of Blog Entry  

  2. Grateful to MAA FOCUS

    We are very grateful to Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin, Editor of MAA FOCUS, for publishing our article, Let's Do It:  Using Modeling in the Classroom, in the April/May 2017 issue of the magazine. The piece can be found (along with all the other newsy and rich articles in ALL the other online...

  3. How to Run Effective Meetings

    In our profession of faculty members (most folks who are reading this blog) we attend our share of meetings - I can hear the groans in the ether coming across the miles and into the speakers of my desk computer! Well, Adam Bryant, who writes the weekly Corner Office column in The New York Times...

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