Feb 2017

  1. Your Students Crave Moral Simplicity. Resist.

    Lyell Asher, an Associate Professor of English at Lewis & Clark College, has written a very fine piece, "Your Students Crave Moral Simplicity.  Resist." in The Chronicle of Higher Education, 10 February 2017 issue, pp. B3-B5. The theme of the article surrounds his assignment...

  2. The UMAP Journal

    In a recent correspondence with Paul Campbell, of Beloit College, Beloit WI, who is the  Editor of The UMAP Journal, Paul said that he hoped SIMIODE community members would take note of the opportunity to share modeling activities in the journal's Model Reality Check section. One...

  3. What makes it great?

    My wife and I attend many musical events each year. One series we like is entitled, "What Makes It Great." These lecture/concerts are held in the Merkin Concert Hall of the Kaufman Music Center in Manhattan, New York City. Each of the four events is two-part. For the first hour or so...

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