What babies know about physics

In an Opinion piece, entitled,  What Babies Know About Physics and Foreign Languages, in the New York Times Sunday Review, 30 July 2016, Alison Gopnik  writes “It’s not just that young children don’t need to be taught in order to learn. In fact, studies show that explicit instruction, the sort of teaching that goes with school and `parenting,' can be limiting. When children think they are being taught, they are much more likely to simply reproduce what the adult does, instead of creating something new.”

That is really all you need to know about this article and the issue of learning.

Get the piece at NY Times and read it. It will convince you that you are doing good things when you permit students to explore and discover, when you post problems and `leave the room,’ when you are patient and standing on the sidelines, when you ask questions instead of lecture, and when you see success in their eyes and confidence in their smile. Just do it!!!

Enough said for our shortest blog entry.

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