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The very active and supportive IBL (Inquiry Based Learning) community in the form of the Academy of Inquiry Based Learning has a terrific web page with lots of resources. 

There is an IBL Blog Playlist with lots of rich resources and narratives under broad topic areas such as Nuts and Bolts, Managing Class Dynamics, Productive Failure and Growth Mindsets, and Reflective Teaching Practices. That alone is worth much more than the price of admission - which is FREE!!!

We believe mathematical modeling, in which students create their own model of reality, in our case using differential equations as their mathematical language, is the ultimate Inquiry Based Learning.

The Academy runs workshops (filled up for Summer of 2016), but keep an eye out and request to be put on their email list for summer 2017. San Luis Obispo CA is the place and it really is THE place. Lemon trees on main street is what I recall as well as Ocean views.

So check it out, this IBL approach in which modeling works, as do other approaches.

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