AMS Blog on Teaching and Learning - Rich Resources and now with SIMIODE Posting

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) is the premier research mathematics society (perhaps in the world!)  Traditionally, the AMS has concentrated, almost exclusively, on research mathematics with an occasional venture into issues involving teaching mathematics. The Notices of the AMS regularly features education articles.  One current AMS effort in support of teaching and learning is the AMS Blog on Teaching and Learning. 

We have a SIMIODE guest posting Learning Mathematics in Context with Modeling and Technology  in current (27 June 2016) posting. Check it out!!

We appreciate the work Blog Editor, Ben Braun,  University of Kentucky, does to post a wide variety of articles. Two recent postings which are thoughtful reads are  A Framework for Integrating Conceptual and Procedural Understanding in the First Two Years of Undergraduate Mathematics, by Karen Keene and Nicholas Fortune, North Carolina State University, and Believing in Mathematics, by Ben himself.

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