Why should I prepare, submit, and publish in SIMIODE?

One of the main purposes SIMIODE exists is to offer colleagues solid, refereed teaching material on which they can base a modeling first course in differential equations. Thus publishing new ideas and activities for students is a main goal of SIMIODE.

However, it is reasonable to ask yourself, "Why should I prepare, submit, and publish in SIMIODE?"  Consider these reasons.

You are probably already doing some sorts of projects in your course work and it will take little effort to shape them up  for publication in SIMIODE.

There is a sense of pride and accomplishment in organizing thoughts about something that you did, you are thinking about, you wish to reflect upon, etc. and sharing these with colleagues. After all, we are professors!

Sharing news of what one does and thinks at one school with colleagues at other schools and your own school helps create dialogue and gains you recognition.

It always looks good that the author has done something beyond talk, i.e. we all talk, but in publishing at SIMIODE you took the time to write it up!

Your use of a modeling activity in your course and publication in SIMIODE will give you the basis of a conference talk or a seminar presentation locally or in nearby school.

You can recommend to colleagues that they try what you did in class and  make it easy for them to do by pointing to your work in SIMIODE.

You can put a meaningful link to your work on department web page or department newsletter.

Through such a publication in SIMIODE - which is open to the web and searchable - you can contact colleagues doing something comparable and establish network connections.

Next time you teach this material you can just point your students to the SIMIODE Resource with your name on it with pride.

Publishing in SIMIODE helps the "olde curriculum vita " which can be an item of interest for discussions in job search, promotion, and tenure.

You can get feedback from others who teach using your material.

Offering your work in SIMIODE might be an opportunity for you if you are in some faculty development effort.

Identification of you as one who is interested in improving teaching is a plus for you.

If you are interested in gaining visibility in the broader undergraduate mathematics community then publishing in SIMIODE can help.

Pedagogical, publishing, and service component of you as a professional are valued at your institution.

Your Mom or Dad will like to show friends your piece with the admonition, "Look, my child the mathematician, wrote this!!"

Working up something for SIMIODE could be a preliminary for writing a more scholarly work for publication in the literature, e.g., PRIMUS - Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies.

It just feels good to have your ideas scrutinized, accepted, and published - to see your name in lights!

So what are you waiting for? We look forward to seeing your ideas published in SIMIODE. Go here to get started.

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