Look for AMS Blog on Mathematics Education about Modeling Approach in Differential Equations

We have been working with Benjamin Braun, University of Kentucky, in his role of Editor-in-Chief of the AMS Blog On Teaching and Learning, to prepare a posting (due out end of June 2016) on teaching differential equations using modeling and our efforts at SIMIODE.  The posting will be called, Learning Mathematics in Context with Modeling and Technology.

While the American Mathematical Society is the foremost organization for research mathematics the AMS is very committed to undergraduate education, indeed, K - 16 mathematics education.

We quote from the preface to the Blog, "The goal for this blog is to stimulate reflection and dialogue by providing mathematicians with high-quality commentary and resources regarding teaching and learning."

Recent postings have proven very interesting and we list several titles here:

  • Believing in Mathematics
  • A Framework for Integrating Conceptual and Procedural Understanding in the First Two Years of Undergraduate Mathematics
  • Creating a Classroom Culture
  • Recent Reports and Recommendations Related to Courses in the First Two Years of College Study
  • A Skeptic’s Guide to Service Learning in Mathematics

We encourage you to read the valuable AMS Blog On Teaching and Learning and to make your own contribution. Certainly, go on line and subscribe so you do not miss an issue with an easy to select email notice.

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