Transforming Higher Education without Tears

At David E. Goldberg of Therapy Associates writes about Normal and Deep Transformative Change. the Normal change column we all know and have been practicing. However, the Deep Transformative Change Column is really that, namely, deep!  Here are the Deep Transformative Change characteristics. These made me think of what we are trying to accomplish through SIMIODE, namely, personal transformative change in the teaching of colleagues who will embrace modeling first differential equation teaching.

"Change, especially transformative change, is believed to be beyond the capability of existing bureaucracy."

"Change requires reflection on both learning outcomes and the process for bringing about change, both."

"Change is initiated anywhere and is ultimately embraced throughout."

"Change involves planning effectuation, and iteration from pilots, followed by scale up."

"Change is a complex combination of rational, cultural, emotional, and institutional processes."\

"Change involves all stakeholders."

"Change is driven by external and internal factors and is inherently reflective."

"Change is accompanied by new structures that are necessary to incubate, pilot, and diffuse transformation."

"Change is a series of little bets that are scaled after they prove out."

"Change is collaborative and is diffused middle out."

"Change is viewed as complex organizational and individual process in which new personnel may be needed and existing personnel may need to be retrained."

"Change in content and curriculum flow from the possibilities of unleashed learners."

"Change in what students do is most important."

"Change in pedagogy is viewed as a deeply held personal set of beliefs that helps faculty learn to trust students and believe in their resourcefulness, creativity, and wholeness as human beings."

I really like the last notion for it is about respecting, trusting, enabling, and permitting students to explore and build their own identity. But all are worthy of reflection and thought.  Enjoy!

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